The 2017-2018 Global Development Lab will provide students passionate about the most pressing international issues and development the ability to gain resources, skills and connect with a diverse number of professionals in the field. The lab provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in solving some of the world's most challenging concerns through personal projects created for implementation. Each week will consist of either gaining skills from workshops, guest speakers and presentations to then be applied the following week into a personal project for implementations. This years lab will provide students the incredible resources to find Summer internships and receive academic credit. 

Student Benefits

  • Experience with workshops and simulations that convey an essential set of international development skills
  • A community of passionate, like-minded students on campus
  • Access to a network of successful development practitioners
  • Assistance in finding an internship for Summer 2017
  • Collaborative fundraising activities to finance internship travel
  • Opportunity to create an individual capstone project
  • Extensive pre-departure training for internship sites

Important Dates

  • September 26th Enormous Activities Fair.

  • September 26th Application goes live. 

  • October 10th Information Session Kerkoff Patio 5pm

  • October 17th Information Session Kerkoff Pation 5pm

  • October 27th Application Due  

  • November 28th First meeting 6pm

  • December 5th Second meeting 6pm